Best Framing Nailers – The Ultimate Guide

Are you searching for the best framing nailer to add to your tool collection? Waste no more time surfing the internet. We have done the search for you and come out with a list of the best framing nailers with the best specification, quality, performance, durability and customer reviews. Check them out below.

Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit

Freeman P4FRFNCB will make a good addition to the tool collection of a contractor given that the kit comes with all required to frame and give the best finishing to your project. Boasting of impressive versatility, the framing nailer can be used for pallet building, fencing, basement remodeling, roof decking and sub-floors.


  • The product has rugged design with impressive durability.
  • Freeman covers this framing nailer with 7 year limited warranty which is quite great.
  • It is sold at a great price. Given its quality, owners get value for money.


  • It does not deliver consistent nail depth.
  • The 15 gauge finish nailer included in the kit is not of the best quality like the rest. Thus, you may consider purchasing one.


Equipped with rubber grip, lightweight magnesium housing and rubberized integrated skid pads, it is quite easy to work with BOSTITCH F21PL. The box contains two quick-change nosepieces as well as a framing nailer. It has a product weight of 8.1 pounds and product dimension of 14-1/4 x 20-1/2 which make it very easy to use for work.


  • It can sink joist holder nails perfectly well.
  • It drives nails in with stunning power.
  • It boasts of outstanding adjustable depth.
  • It is very easy to load the magazine with nails.
  • It is quite easy to toe nail with this tool thanks to its framing tip.


  • Some people may find 8.1 pounds too heavy to work with for a long time.
  • When using this gun, the compressor cycles to a certain extent.
  • The trigger switch is not of great quality. You may have to replace it with a better one.
  • It generates loud noise when it is on.

NuMax SFR2190

NuMax SFR2190 is strongly designed to be used for a number of projects including sub floors, wall framing, wood fencing and roof decking. As you are nailing with this tool, there is no fear of damaging the surface of your work piece thanks to the No-Mar Tip it comes with. Besides, it is designed to be used on different surfaces due to its depth adjustability.


  • It features dual mode trigger which makes sequential as well as single firing possible.
  • It neither misfires nor jams.
  • It saves your arm from injury and does not cause hand fatigue.
  • It is sold at a good price.


  • It can be quite difficult to turn the depth adjuster.
  • The package does not come with any ladder hook or belt hook which is very sad.

Hitachi NR90AES1

Besides delivering power for driving nails through the work piece, Hitachi NR90AES1come with other impressive features such as tool-less depth adjustment, new head guard design, a selective actuation switch and rubberized handle. All these features work together to make this product efficient, effective and a good value for money.


  • It is convenient to work with this tool thanks to the rubberized grips it comes with.
  • Hitachi NR90AES1can easily be maneuvered and held for a long time overhead by reason of its compact and lightweight design.
  • The gun is strong and can withstand jobsite abuse.


  • In comparison with some other models in the same category, this product does not give enough power to match others.


PORTER CABLE FR350BR generates enough power to be able to drive nails into engineered lumber regardless of its portable design. The package comes with a user manual, air fitting of ¼ inch with dust cover, full round head framing nailer and 22 Degree 3-1/2 inches.


  • PORTER CABLE FR350BR gets the job done easily.
  • It is available in a lightweight design which makes it easy for you to work with it overhead and for a long hour.
  • It is well engineered with rugged materials on account of which the tool is able to withstand abuse resulting from everyday use.
  • It is a good value for money.


  • The plunge tip does not firmly grip the work piece’s surface unless it is kept flat.


Strongly designed, this framing nailer offers outstanding functionality and performance. It is a cordless framing nailer with dual speed setting, bump or sequential operating modes, brushless motor which can generate enough torque to drive 3-1/2 nails into a work piece.


  • DEWALT DCN692B is very convenient to work with thanks to the variety of features it has.
  • It works very well as the engine is able to generate enough force for driving nails into the work materials.
  • The battery is quite long.


  • It is not great for nailing 2-1/2 ring shank nails through a pine decking as it is not able to drive in all the nails.
  • It also jams more often which may take you some time to clear as you will have to partially dismember the tool.

How to choose the best framing nailer

Framing nailers are very useful carpentry tool that will make nailing much easier and save you from hand fatigue. If you are into woodwork, it is likely that you will need it. Here are tips to help you make a wise choice when it is time for you to purchase one.

Choose between pneumatic framing nailer and cordless framing nailer

Framing nailers are available in two types, namely, pneumatic and cordless framing nailers. The formers are powered with air. They come with air compressors from where they receive their power. The latter are powered with batteries. Each has their own pros and cons. Take time to study the features, pros and cons of these two types before you make your choice. But cordless nailers are most suitable for hobbyists or people that nail infrequently. If you nail regularly, then you should go for pneumatic type.

Consider the available styles

Framing nailers has two styles. The stick style nailers store nails with a magazine but in smaller quantity, while the coil-style nailers store nails in large quantity using a magazine. So, coil-style framing nailers better choices for you if you will be requiring plenty nails for your work.

Consider features

It is also important that you consider other features that the framing nailer you want to purchase has. However, you should make your decision base on the useful and functionality of the features. Don’t pay extra for a redundant feature or a feature that you will not require.


Rather than wasting your time online searching for the best framing nailers, settle with any of the above product taking into consideration the tips we put up here. You are definitely going to end up with a great purchasing experience if you keep to the advice given here.

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