Best HVAC Tool Bags – Comparison, Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you searching for the best HVAC Tool Bag  that will give you value for money? You are in the right place. We have reviewed the best HVAC tool bags and also provided you with tips to apply in order to make an enlightened choice. Check them out below.

Veto Pro Pac TECH-LC

Available in a rugged and ergonomic design, Veto Pro Pac TECH-LC has ample storage compartments of different sizes to accommodate different sizes of items. It is made with strong Denier Nylon which can carry many tools at the same time without tearing. Some of its pockets can accommodate compact cordless power tools, work meter, hand tools and others.


  • The bag has great design and visual appeal.
  • The inside pockets are roomy and strong enough to carry tools they are meant for.
  • It is durable and covered with a five years warranty.
  • It is a good  bag for getting your work tool organized as everything has its own place.


  • The side pockets are not loose enough to carry any tool.
  • It is somewhat expensive.
  • It does not have a pocket that will contain an utility knife.

Custom LeatherCraft 1539

With 50 pockets of different sizes, Custom LeatherCraft 1539 offers enough storage space to get one’s tools organized. The tools will not scatter and fall off from the storage spaces thanks to the zippered side panels it comes with. This tool bag is made with heavy-duty poly fabric body for enhanced durability.


  • A variety of tools including hand tools and power tools can be kept safe inside the bag.
  • It is highly durable thanks to the material used in fabricating it.
  • Its many compartments of different sizes help users to keep their tools organized regardless of their size and types.
  • Tools inside the main compartments are secured thanks to the double-pull zippers it has.
  • It comes with shoulder strap for enhanced portability.
  • The bag is not heavy.


  • It is not fitted with tape tool.
  • The shoulder strap is good but it can obstruct access.
  • The bag does not stand upright easily.

Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC

Made with strong nylon, Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC can carry enough tools without sagging. It features 4 storage compartments and two storage bay. Th base is made from reliable polypropylene which makes it possible for the bag to stand upright even when loaded with tools. The bag is strong enough to carry up to 80 lbs. or more. It comes with zippers for securing the tools carried with the bag.


  • It is a strong tool bag which can be used to carry different kinds of tools.
  • Due to its ability to carry various kinds of tools, it can be used by many people such as field workers, electricians, technicians, woodworkers to mention but a few.
  • The bag is highly durable and comes with ample space, strong hooks and zippers.
  • It has impressive design.


  • Some of the interior pockets are almost made for fancy as they are too small to accommodate any tool.
  • The exterior pockets are just few.

Veto Pro Pac MC

Made with waterproof PVC impregnated Denier nylon, this tool bag is what you need to get your tools organized and secured when moving out for work. The interior and exterior compartments of the bags are twenty in number. The 3mm base is made from polypropylene which is also waterproof.


  • The bag can be used under rain because it is made with waterproof materials.
  • It is not weighty.
  • The item is of great quality and has good look.


  • The inside compartments are not large enough to accommodate a hammer.
  • It does not have pen-size pocket for keeping of pen.

Custom Leathercraft 1134 Tool Backpack

Fitted with carrying handles, shoulder straps and padded back support, Custom Leathercraft 1134 offers technicians, repairers, woodworkers and do-it-yourself guys storage spaces to keep their tools safe and to have them together during transit. It has seven external pockets and 41 internal pockets of different sizes to accommodate different tools.


  • The backpack is very strong and can last for ages.
  • The bag has a nice look and has great constructions.
  • It has ample storage spaces.


  • It does not have loops for storage of nut drivers and screw drivers.
  • Some outside pockets cannot be used to keep some tools because they are so deep.

Custom LeatherCraft 1528

Custom Leathercraft 1134 is a backpack designed specifically to carry different kinds of tools used by technicians, appliance repairers, woodworkers, electricians and others. It consists of 48 compartments of different sizes to help owners get their tools organized.


  • The shoulder strap is padded for convenience.
  • It has a large main compartments with zippers for storing larger and heavier tools.
  • It has a pen-pocket size where you keep your pen.
  • The bag is made of good quality.
  • It has two handles for improved portability.


  • It may be difficult to keep larger tools in this bag.

How to choose the Best HVAC Tool Bag

HVAC tool bags are available in a number of designs, sizes and types. Making a choice can be difficult especially if you are a first time buyer. Here are some tips to help make an enlightened choice.


It is important that you take size into consideration before you make your choice. What determines a suitable size for you is the quantity of tools that you want to store and carry along in the bag. As a rule of the thumb, purchase one that will accommodate all your tools.


One of the reasons why people purchase tool bags is to help them get their tools organized. If you purchase a tool that does not help you achieve this aim, it makes no meaning for you. A good tool box should have pockets of different sizes both inside and outside. However, the pockets should not be too many. With a moderate number of compartments, you will be able to get your tools organized with your bag.


It is of crucial importance that your tool be very strong to bear the weight of the tools that will be kept inside it. Thus, choose a bag that is made of strong materials that will not sag after few months usage from the time you purchase it. The material used in making the bag should also be waterproof so that water will not enter inside or touch the tool if you carry it under rain.

Choose one that is secure

Tool bags also offer safety to the tools. So, purchase one with strong zippers and closures that will prevent items inside the bag from falling off and to make them remain intact and organized when inside the bag.


Waste no more time in searching for a reliable tool bag. Choose from the products reviewed above. But make sure that you take the tips give above into consideration when making your choice.

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