Best RV Generators for Travel Trailers

Do you need a very good generator for your recreational vehicle (RV) or travel trailer? Then, you are in the right place. We carried out a thorough research on the market and put up a list of top RV generators with the best customer feedbacks, awesome functionality, durability, performance and excellent specification. Read our RV generator reviews and make your choice from the list below.

Honda EU2000I

Honda EU2000I is an inverter generator of 2000 Watts which delivers steady power to keep your appliances and electronics alive. It comes with a 4-stroke air-cooled overhead valve engine that functions very well without causing noise pollution to the entire neighborhood. It has wide application as it can be used at home, in a jobsite, office, campsite and indeed anywhere that requires electricity.


  • It does not generate huge noise to disturb the peace of the community.
  • It is a good power backup during power outage.
  • It has a very low gas emission.
  • It is a strong generator built to last for years.


  • The body can easily be scratched when the generator is being dismantled for maintenance as it is made from plastic material.

Champion Power Equipment 46539

Running on a 4-stroke OHV engine, Champion Power Equipment 46539 is able to generate enough power to keep a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner as well as other home appliances and gadget running. With a 4000 starting Watt, this generator is able to deliver 3500 Watts when it is on.


  • You don’t sweat starting this generator as it has electric remote control start with the package coming with its battery which makes for easy touch start.
  • The generator is strong enough to provide power to an entire household or office during power outage. Thus, it is a good power backup generator.
  • It comes with a lot of features that ensure that your appliances are safe from spikes in voltage.
  • The generator is strongly built to last for ages.
  • It is flexible and portable thanks to the wheels and handles fitted to it.
  • The noise level is well reduced.
  • Less vibration is experienced as rubber is used to mount all the mechanics.


  • The gas tank takes a bit of time to fill as it does not allow much flow of gas in the tank at the same time.
  • The gas gauge does not ever show full. It stops when the tank is three quarter filled.

Champion Power Equipment 75537i

This is another powerful generator that can be started from a distance of 80 ft with a wireless remote. It has running watts of 2800 and starting watts of 3100. When filled with fuel, it can provide power for 8 hours. Though, it is available in a lightweight design and does not generate huge noise, it can be used to power sensitive electronics in a number of places such as home, office, jobsite and the likes.


  • It is very easy to start thanks to the wireless remote and battery it is equipped with.
  • It has a very good runtime of 8 hours when filled with gas meaning that it can be used throughout the night.
  • It does not require any assembling.
  • It is sold at a very good price.


  • The remote start function works only when the battery is active.
  • It does not have any reset button or any feature for resetting the 30 amp overload when the generator shuts down automatically as a result of overload.
  • The wheels are small and the position of the wheels only allows users to push the generator at a shallow angle.

Champion Power Equipment 100263

The 100263 generator is designed to be powered with either propane or gas with the former offering a runtime of 14.5 hours and the later offering 7.5 hours when their tanks are filled up. Its RV ready outlets include 12V DC automotive outlets with clean power, two 120V 20A household and 120V 30A RV.


  • Owners are entitled to free lifetime technical support and a three year limited warranty.
  • It can be used to generate power in a number of environments including homes, offices, campsites and the likes thanks to its ability to power different items.
  • It can be connected to another generator of 2800 watt or higher watt of the same brand to beef up the power when there is a need for that.


  • It would have been better if it comes with bigger wheels that can bring up the generator up a bit from the ground.
  • When the LP is on, it is the gas that you have to turn off in order to empty the supply line of gas.

DuroStar DS4000S

Equipped with air cooled OHV engine, DuroStar is a perfect power backup during power outage. Though the engine goes off when the oil level drops, users will still be able to find out when the oil is getting low from the power panel which also houses the power outlet, circuit breaker and volt meter. The gas tank can be filled up with 4 gallons of gas which will be enough to power the generator for 8 hours depending on the load it carries.


  • The power panel is well placed and can easily be seen or reached at.
  • The frame is made from heavy duty steel for enhanced durability.
  • It is not expensive.
  • It does not generate huge noise.
  • It is quite easy to operate.


  • It can be difficult to attach the wheel owing to the fact that their bolts and nuts are tightened with different sizes of wrenches.
  • It does not have any watt or amp meter on the power panel.

Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart

Briggs & Stratton 30545 is designed for home use as well as for use in offices, business establishments, campsites and jobsites as it can generate enough electricity to power basic household appliances such as RV air conditioner, televisions, portable power tools and the likes. Once the tank of 1.5 gallon capacity is filled up, it can deliver power continuously for 10 hours depending on the load it bears.


  • It features several output outlets to meet the electricity needs of various appliances.
  • It is quite easy to be taken to a camp site or job site thanks to the twin handles fitted to it. The design of the handles as well as the 6-inch wheels it has also enhances portability.
  • It has LCD power board called StatStation Display from where users will be able to view the energy given out.
  • It can be used to charge cell phones, tablets and other similar devices on account of the USB port that it comes with.
  • It offers quite operation.


  • Though it has two handles and wheels, you may still require a helper to be able to take it to camp because of the wait.

How to choose the best RV generator

Here are some important points to consider when it is time to purchase a generator for RV or travel trailer.

Fuel sources

RV generators can be powered with different kinds of fuel. Some have diesel engine while some are powered with gasoline or liquid propane. There are also some that come with engine that can run on two fuel types. Take time to learn the pros and cons of each fuel source and choose one that will meet your requirements. Before making a choice in this regard, also consider your locality and the type of fuel easily available there.

Power Generating Capacity and load

Each model of RV generator has a load generating capacity. It is of crucial importance that you consider this vis-à-vis the load it will carry. As a rule of the thumb, purchase one that can generate enough power to bear the load you have.

Consider features

With improved technology, RV generators are now equipped with lots of features such as LCD power board, USD port for charging of mobiles and other similar devices. So, if you have more money to enjoy these features, then look for one that has a lot of them.


Now, you have known the best generators on the market and how to pick one that meet your requirements. Take time to make your choice. Have a great shopping experience!

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