Best Table Saws Under $500

Table saw is a good addition to the tool collection of any handyman, DIY hobbyist and professional woodworker. Though some models are very expensive, with a budget of below $500, you will still be able to purchase a quality one with good consumer rating, wonderful specification and good functionality. Check the best table saws under $500 we have reviewed here if you want something of affordable price, appreciable reliability and performance.


Equipped with a 15 amp motor, DEWALT DWE7490X is capable of cutting through hardwoods. It also can be used to make narrow rip cuts thanks to its flip over fence and telescoping fence rails. With these features, fence adjustment can quickly, accurately and smoothly be accomplished. Working with this material does not leave your workplace littered with dust and debris as it comes with functional dust collection port storage which can be fitted with a vacuum for extraction of dust. The package comes with foldable stand, push stick, miter gauge and 24 tooth carbide blade of 10 inches.


  • It has good specification with extensive list of features.
  • It is very efficient in cutting woods even tough hardwoods.
  • Working with it does not result in much post cutting tasks thanks to the storage port it comes with.
  • With this table saw, users are able to make intricate cuts on account of its flip over fence.
  • It is well covered with a one year full warranty and a three year limited warranty.


  • Experienced workers may have problems with the blade as it is most suitable for beginners.
  • Beginners or inexperienced woodworkers may have problems carrying it along.
  • The miter gauge is not made of good quality.


DEWALT DWE7480XA can cut through hardwoods of different strengths thanks to the 15 amp motor which spins at 4800 rpm and other features it comes with. It has a foldable stand made of heavy-duty steel for durability and stability. The blade is adjustable from 0 to 45 degree. Users will also enjoy long blade life and enhanced cut quality by reason of the 24-tooth carbide blade it comes with. The tool has a dust port which can be connected to a vacuum for quick post-work cleanup. Included in the package are a hardware bag, blade guard, miter gauge, 10 carbide blade and push stick.


  • The table saw delivers smoother cut because its table coating minimizes friction.
  • Post-work cleanup is quite easy to accomplish due to the dust port it has which can be connected to vacuum.
  • It is available in a lightweight design.
  • It is quite easy to set up.
  • It delivers enhanced cutting accuracy thanks to its fence.
  • The foldable stand makes storage quite easy.


  • The cord is not considerably lengthy.
  • The location of the miter gauge is not very good.
  • The design of the protection guard does not show sound professionalism and workmanship.

Bosch GTS1031

Bosch GTS1031 is a portable and lightweight table saw. However, its portability does not affect its durability, efficiency, performance and functionality considering its specification. It is a corded table saw of 120 V with a 4.0 HP motor which is capable of spinning at 5000 rpm. The base of the product is made from steel and with its metal construction, it is able to withstand everyday job site abuse. It delivers good cutting results on account of some of its features such as T-slot miter gauge, Rip fence and auxiliary fence slot. The Smart Guard System modular blade guard is user-friendly as it is quite easy to get fitted and removed from the machine. It has a good storage space under the table where accessories such as the push stick, miter gauge and others can be kept.


  • It is strongly made with reliable materials for enhanced durability.
  • It makes for easy storage of items and accessories thanks to the under-table storage space it has.
  • It comes with a dust collection bag which can trap about 85 percent of dust and debris generated during work.
  • It is relatively safe to work with.
  • With its motor, operators are able to accomplish their tasks quickly and efficiently.


  • The miter gauge is a huge punch on the entire table saw. It is the type normally found in a lower grade saw.
  • Th angle adjustment mechanism is also found wanting as it is not able to offer the positive alignment required for accuracy for -0-A square.


With a weight of 49 lb., SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 is available in a compact and lightweight design but it makes cutting a breeze thanks to its dual-field motor of 15 amp which spins at a very high speed. The table saw is able to cut different kinds of materials due to its 25 inches rip capacity as well its depth cut of 3-1/2 in. It is equipped with SKILSAW’s Worm Drive gearingĀ  which ensures that the highest torque is generated during cutting. The tool also features a self-aligning rip fence, miter gauge, insert plate, wrench, push stick, 24-tooth SKILSAW Carbide-tipped blade and anti-kick back device for enhanced cutting experience.


  • The motor generates good torque but does not make a loud noise.
  • It is available in a lightweight design making it easy for users to take it to their worksites.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • The table is extendable to accommodate large woods.
  • It does not vibrate during cutting.
  • It is flexible and versatile as it can be used to cut different materials.


  • Unfortunately, SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 does not have any stand.
  • The fence requires adjustment before it can be mounted on a table.
  • There isn’t enough adjustment range for the 0Ā° bevel stop.

What to Look for When Choosing a Table Saw

Table saws are available in different types, brands, price tags and specification. With these varying differences, first time table saw shoppers find it difficult to make informed decision. But making a choice will not be difficult if you know what to look for in a table saw. Here are some tips to guide you.

Consider the nature of your job

Definitely, you are purchasing a table saw to enable you accomplish your task easily and quickly. You can only achieve this objective if you are working with the right table saw. Thus, before you pick any model on the market, you should ensure that it can handle your task. Buying an underpowered tool or one not designed for the particular project you are engaging in is nothing but a waste of money as you will not achieve anything with it. This is why it is important that you consider the nature of your job before making any purchase.

Performance of the table

Definitely, you would want a product that will facilitate your work. Thus, when making a choice, it is good that you consider the performance of the tool that you want to purchase before you pay for it. Most buyers make the mistakes of judging performance base on size and price. This may be true but not in all cases. To determine performance, you should check the motor and blade capacity. A good saw should have a motor that delivers up to 12 to 15 amps of current. The blade also should be up to 10-inches. You have to also consider other features and accessories that improve cutting result.

Consider size and weight

Weight and size may appear to matter the lest but they are strong factors to consider when purchasing a table saw. It is the nature of your work that will determine the most suitable type for you. If the nature of your work requires moving from one location to another with your table saw, then you have to look for a portable one in a lightweight design. On the contrary, go for a heavyweight table if you are going to use it regularly in your workshop without taking it to any other job site.


You don’t have to waste your time online searching for a table saw under $500. With any of the tools reviewed here, you will be able to carry out your project efficiently. But ensure that you take the point mentioned above into consideration before you make your choice.

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